Mazda BT 50 Remap / ECU Chip

Happy customer from a DPS Remap

Testimony from a Happy customer.

This customer had his BT 50 remapped by another remapping company. He was not happy with the way his vehicle sounded and the amount of fuel it used. He contacted us and we carried out a DPS remap and this is his response.....

So going down to Perth I wasn't loaded or towing, however running the bigger
tires. I pushed a gale force head wind for approx. 450km of the 600km trip
and got to Perth and manually calculated a fuel usage of 9.6 lt/100km. On
return coming out of Perth the first 50km is all up hill and also I pushed
another head wind ALL the way home all be it not as strong as on the way
down and I manually calculated 9.0 lt/100km.

Both going down and coming home I had cruise control set on 115km/h with
fairly long runs in between towns. There was especially coming home a lot
of overtaking trucks and one thing I noticed is that the high end revving
and over taking is FAR smoother and less input required from the loud pedal
than before. The whole car has gone from being a good car to me loving to
drive it now due to the improved fuel economy and way better power
especially down low. My fuel figures are almost as good as when it was at
factory settings with the factory wheels and tires on it.

Very happy mate. Thanks heaps.

Kind Regards,



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