Time for more power

Your machines are an important part of your business. So let’s talk about one way that you can get them to give you more. Here’s a closer look at the benefits you could get from remapping your ECU.

ECU Remapping

What’s an ECU remap?

You may already be familiar with the ECU remapping procedure - but if you’re not, here’s how it works. Your truck, bus, ute, tractor or any other machine has an engine that’s set to work in standard conditions. That means standard terrain, standard climate, standard operating requirements. The challenge is that where you work is rarely standard.

When you remap your ECU, we fine tune your settings to reflect your needs. That means your engine is programmed to give you the best performance based on the conditions that you operate in. It’s a process that delivers some great results.

1. More power

If you’re sick of the slow grind uphill or need to be able to lift or load those extra kgs of weight: extra power’s what you need. An ECU remap could shave time off your journey or save you going back for a second load. More power means more efficiency for your business and a cost saving in time and labour.

2. More torque

Hand in hand with your increased power is more torque. An ECU remap gives you access to more grunt because your torque is increased which will get you moving faster with more power. Particularly handy for those uphill runs.

3. Fuel efficiency

ECU remapping means your engine can achieve more with less, because it’s a bit more efficient at dealing with your environment. Every business likes an opportunity to make savings and cutting your fuel bill could be a great way to get some cash back in the coffers. Especially if running a machine is an important part of your business.

There are lots of reasons why an ECU remap is a smart option. If you’re looking for an opportunity to add power to your machines while increasing their life: call Diesel Performance Solutions today. Our agents will be happy to help you understand the improvements your business could enjoy.


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