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Diesel Performance Solutions (DPS) is a leading supplier of engine remaps in Australia. If you’re ready to power up your earning opportunities, DPS could be for you.

What does Diesel Performance Solutions do?

Our Agents provide remapping services to customers across Australia and New Zealand. Diesel Performance Solutions can remap the ECUs of any engines: from trucks and utes; to agricultural machinery and tractors. 

Remapping the ECU delivers increased power and torque, allowing customers to get the job done faster and enjoy the benefits of a more efficient operation. DPS produces its own system files and updates. Our Agents enjoy exclusive access to our local team of technical experts. 

We’re experts at what we do and our customers enjoy the fact that we’re focused on the performance we deliver for the lifetime of their vehicle.

Are you ready to work for DPS?

If you have a mechanical background in the agricultural sector, trucking, or heavy machinery; or you’re a sales expert: we’re looking for you. 

We’re recruiting new DPS Agents in Australia now.

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What do our Agents say?

Our combination of technical expertise and great customer service sets us apart from the competition. Our DPS Agents love working with us - not just because of the great results they deliver for their customers. 

“I’ve only been working with DPS for about 6 months but I’m already getting great results. I had a client recently who contacted me to tell me how happy he was with the remap of his truck. He sent it on a haulage run up North alongside another truck, and by the time both trucks got back to Perth he’d saved $430 worth of fuel on the truck that we’d remapped for him. He was really pleased.

That’s what I like about being a DPS Agent, we really deliver for our clients. I get really good feedback from my clients and some even get more than one vehicle remapped which is always a sign that they’re happy.”

Tommy McErlean, Perth & Northern Wheatbelt

"I’ve been working with DPS for 5 years and I get a lot out of it. As with all business, it’s definitely true that you get out what you put into it. I feel like I’ve really benefited from being part of such a great team.

I think the DPS difference is that we really do believe in looking after our customers and only delivering top quality remaps. Our technical team are really passionate about what they do and they make sure they get it right every time. We also have a great support team who make it easy to get what we need to grow our business.

I work as a DPS Agent while managing my own business as a Diesel Mechanic, where I've got a team of great guys working for me. The two work really well together. I’d definitely recommend becoming a DPS Agent to someone who was considering it. As long as you bring a passion for looking after your customer to the business, I think you’ll see that this product really delivers results."

Shane Schiller, DPS SA

“I’ve been a DPS Agent for more than 4 years and really enjoy being part of such a great team. The knowledge and support that’s shared with me as an agent helps me deliver really good solutions to my customers. Customers particularly appreciate the fast file turnaround and the fact that we support them for the life of their vehicle once it’s been remapped. 

I’ve also found that working for DPS compliments my other business really well, and it’s great being able to support my customers across a wide range of their vehicle enhancement needs. I would absolutely recommend becoming part of DPS to anyone thinking about it.”

Rodney Laneyrie, DPS QLD and NSW

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