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Diesel chip tuning will optimise your vehicle's performance giving it more torque, power and fuel economy.

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ECU Remapping. Finely tune the software of your vehicle's Engine Control Unit

More Torque

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ECU chipping

ECU Remapping

We use ECU Remapping to finely tune the software of your vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU). These ECUs are made conservatively to account for many different factors in various countries. Things such as climates, fuel qualities and emissions. DPS deals with the actual manufacturer's map and the calculations for increases are undetectable. We have developed chipping software designed for Australia’s climate and unique conditions.

Delivering remapping solutions in Australia for over 10 years

If you’re looking for more performance from your engine then look no further than DPS. We’ve been working across Australia for over 10 years. During that time we’ve given a lot of customers more power from their engines. DPS has built a reputation as a business that gets the job done.

An expert local team for optimal solutions

Our agents have strong backgrounds in agriculture and/or machinery, and many also own and run their workshops. There are twenty DPS Agents throughout Australia.

We've developed ECU for
Australia's climate and conditions

Because we’re local, we understand the needs of our clients. Our ECU chipping software is designed for Australia's climate and wide range of unique conditions. 

Expert technical team

Central to our software capability is our technical team. Our Head Technician is Chris Burnell. His background is in agricultural repairs and maintenance, and he’s got a great understanding of what it takes to make a machine perform on the field. Add to that some expert knowledge in electrical systems and software, and you’ve got a recipe for improved performance that our customers love.

We write new software to help improve performance

Chris is supported by Scott Lecky. Scott’s an auto-electrician with many years of experience, including 6 years with Link Engine Management. He’s an expert in file writing and his focus is on developing new software to push performance even further for our DPS clients.

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