ECU remapping, Chip tuning, ECU Chipping, & Diesel Tuning

What is ECU remapping?

Most modern trucks, buses, tractors and agricultural machinery have engine control units (ECUs). The software within these engine control units is programmed very conservatively by the manufacturer with generic settings, to cater for the most common performance requirements, climatic conditions, fuel quality etc. 

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More power for less diesel

ECU remapping improves diesel performance for your tractor, truck or ute. We can improve these settings so your vehicle will perform optimally for the conditions you intend to use it. We adjust the software settings to ensure the vehicle performs exactly the way you need it to, to the conditions the vehicle will be operating in.

Motoring benefits achieved through remapping

Results will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but typically the remapped vehicle will enjoy the following benefits immediately:

Increased performance

Increased torque

Increased fuel efficiency

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As a guide, these gains can typically be quantified as follows

  • road vehicles: 20-30% more power
  • Agricultural/machines: 25-35% more power

As a result of these gains, our clients are able to work faster. For example, one of our clients achieved a 6-13% fuel saving on his tractors; his harvesters now use five litres less fuel per hectare.

Agricultural/machines vary considerably
– call your local agent local Agent to discuss likely gains with your agricultural vehicle

What sort of vehicles do you work with?

We can re-map most vehicles and machinery, depending on make or model. The key is if your vehicle has an electronic injection pump or common rail fuel system:






Ask us about increasing power while still achieving fuel efficiency