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“...We've had two tractors and three John Deere's done. We've seen excellent fuel economy & performance – it's just beyond what you could imagine....Couldn't recommend them more highly.”

Matt Lathan

On a recent trip to WA, Mark caught up with Gavin White from Wongan Hills. DPS had remapped Gavin’s New Holland CR 960 back in 2015. Gavin took the opportunity to meet Mark and talk about how he’s enjoyed the results of the DPS remap. Gavin says the across-the-board productivity is great.

We always like to hear how our customers enjoy the benefits and results of a remap.

Gavin White, WA

“...We got one of my utes tuned & one of my son's, and we have halved the fuel, certainly made the power a lot better – and I know 'cos I pay for the fuel in that ute. So – well done fella's – it's a must!”

Chris Newell

“...got Adam from DPS to remap my Nivara. Totally changed the vehicle – the gear changes are better, the horsepower's better, and more importantly fuel economy's better. I'd highly recommend.”

Gav's Bikes & Boats

DPS remapped my Challenger MT745 tractor, improving the performance with better engine power. That enabled us to maintain our speed rather than having the engine pull-down & go slower. Productivity increased through constant speed, saving fuel because we're getting the job done quicker. The service from DPS is excellent. I'd recommend DPS to anyone – their service is just a phone call away & the job is done

Darryl Schutz,
Crop • Sheep • Cattle Farmer

“DPS remapped our Massey Ferguson 7495 and my Nissan Nivara D40. After the Nissan Nivara remap, the performance increased – I had heaps more power. I originally had a plug-in unit which had power but sucked a lot more juice – the DPS remap was way better. Performance on the Massey meant a lot more power. It could climb hills a lot faster, you'd use the same machinery but do it a lot quicker & get out of the paddock a lot faster too.”

Jason Nietschke,
Diesel Mechanic & Family Farmer

Remapping vs a Plug-in-Chip

Nissan Navara D40 Remapped

“ 'Crash' performed the DPS remap on my auto D40 Navara, as I was not happy with the plug-in chip that I purchased from another supplier. The fuel economy has improved by around 2 litres per 100 km, also the power has increased. The thing I like the most is that the engine does not feel or sound like it is under load or duress all the time as previously with the plug in chip. The power delivery also feels to be a lot smoother as well. The customer service was also excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend DPS to anyone looking to have their vehicle's ECU remapped.”

Paul Bonner, SA

Mitsubishi Trition

Shane Diener, SA

This customer had a common complaint about terrible throttle lag in his 2.5L Mitsubishi Triton, especially between 2nd-3rd gear shift. He even remarked about it being a danger when in built-up traffic situations with such delayed response. DPS Performed a retune and he can't believe the difference!

Hino 700


Did you get the performance you were expecting?
Yes. We now have better low-down torque – it doesn't die on the big hills. On our regular routes, we were dropping down to 3rd low on the bigger hills, now we only drop down to 1st high. Not only that we find it easier to drive, there's no argument it's a better truck.

I take it you are now saving on Diesel too?
Yes, we are saving now 10-15% on fuel.

Were you happy with the service of DPS?
Excellent, very happy.

John Deere™ 7530 with an 11-row maize planter


What power gains did you notice?
I was using our John Deere™ 7530 with an 11-row maize planter. But our existing re-mapped John Deere™ 6920, out-performed our standard 7530 in the field with greater speed, power and fuel efficiency. I was so impressed with the improvements that I had our 7530 re-mapped too!

After your remap what sort of economy improvements did you notice?
We have achieved tremendous fuel savings after re-mapping our various contracting machinery. For example, our forage harvester is now using five litres less fuel per hectare. That's a massive 12% improvement which should save us over $5'600............. per year – all with increased performance, which allows us to get the job done faster.

Would you use DPS again?
We're very impressed with the standard of workmanship and the professionalism shown by the DPS team. We recommend them highly and will use them for all our future re-mapping needs.

John Deere™ 6930 Premium

Kirk Simpson

I remapped my 6930 because I needed more power for the work I do. I was looking at buying a 7930 but I didn't like the bigger frame tractor. The smaller frame of the 6930 was better for the hill work I do, it is more nimble.

For me, remapping is a very cost-effective way of gaining more torque and power. After talking to a few guys who have had their tractors remapped, I then had no hesitation in mapping my tractor.
Now that it has been remapped I don't need to have the RPM at full noise. I have dropped my RPM by around 200 revs and have been able to use a higher gear because of the torque. I have gone from using 37 litres per hour to 32 litres. That saves me around $70 to $80 a day in fuel costs, which adds up over the course of a year.
I am now working around 2.6 hectares an hour – which is an increase of around 30% productivity.
I expect to recoup my entire investment in just a couple of months.
We used to hire an extra tractor to get all our work done on time. But this isn't necessary now as we have increased our ground speed significantly with my "transformed" tractor. And best of all, the cost of re-mapping it was only a fraction of the cost of upgrading it.
The whole remapping process was completed by DPS in an extremely professional way, with a high level of service. Each question was answered thoroughly, and their service was backed up with good product knowledge. It gave me full confidence in the work that DPS do. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other person interested in remapping.

Isuzu Gigga Remapped

Gus Thompson

I had been thinking about remapping my Isuzu 400 truck as this relatively new means of performance-enhancing seems to be the way of the future. I have a good truck with low Kms, it just needed a little more power. 

Mark from Diesel Performance Solutions approached me and answered all my questions about remapping and the expected gains in power (60 hrs/pwr) combined with relatively low cost involved seemed to be a good choice.

Mark and the DPS team mapped my truck then and there. The level of service and professionalism was excellent. I was then left to try out my mapped truck. 

Fully loaded, my truck now pulls out of the quarry with better low-down torque. It has far better-pulling power throughout the rev range, it is an outright better truck. I have not kept a close eye on fuel usage, but I do not believe I am using more fuel, it just seems to be performing so much more efficiently.

I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone.

Mazda BT 50 Remap / ECU Chip upgrade


This customer had his BT 50 remapped by another remapping company. He was not happy ith the way his vehicle sounded and the amount of fuel it used. He contacted us and we carried out a DPS remap and this is his response.....

"So going down to Perth I wasn't loaded or towing, however running the bigger tires. I pushed a gale force head wind for approx. 450km of the 600km trip and got to Perth and manually calculated a fuel usage of 9.6 lt/100km. On return coming out of Perth the first 50km is all up hill and also I pushed another head wind ALL the way home all be it not as strong as on the way down and I manually calculated 9.0 lt/100km.

Both going down and coming home I had cruise control set on 115km/h with fairly long runs in between towns. There was especially coming home a lot of overtaking trucks and one thing I noticed is that the high end revving and over taking is FAR smoother and less input required from the loud pedal than before. The whole car has gone from being a good car to me loving to drive it now due to the improved fuel economy and way better power especially down low. My fuel figures are almost as good as when it was at factory settings with the factory wheels and tires on it. Very happy mate. Thanks heaps."

Kind Regards,
Mitch Fragar | Managing Director