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Diesel Performance Solutions Remapping vehicles

We have been remapping ECUs – ECU chipping, Diesel tuning, chipping, and diesel reprogramming – in Australia for over 10 years. We are an independent remapping specialist with no affiliation with any tractor manufacturer. Chris, Mark and the team have strong connections in Australia, New Zealand and Europe – connections that deepen their experience and knowledge in ECU remapping.

16 agents

We have 16 agents right across Australia.

10 years

Remapping vehicles in Australia for over 10 years.

Australia wide

From Northern Queensland to Melbourne, we have your area covered.

The DPS Difference

The difference with DPS is that we create our own software. We work with what the manufacturer has designed and we change it to however we believe the vehicle should run – saving businesses thousands of dollars and producing a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

“The Key to DPS is our customer service. We travel to you to ensure that the job is done right.”

Software developed specifically for Australian vehicles & conditions

Our NZ-based research & development team develops software for Australian vehicles and Australian conditions. This research includes a Dynamometer (rolling road) for development with HCV (trucks) and light utes or cars. 

Additional torque & power at key engine speeds

Our dyno is capable of handling high horse power trucks at steady engine speed under full load. We gather data such as boost pressure and fuel injected quantity to monitor the power output.

Diesel tuning farm vehicles

ECU Remapping. Finely tune the software of your vehicle's Engine Control Unit

More Torque

Dyno testing

More Fuel Efficiency

ECU chipping

Remapping and ECU chipping NSW, SA, Victoria and WA

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Independent remapping specialists

DPS is an independent remapping specialist and has no affiliation with any vehicle manufacturer. See what our clients are saying...

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