Add power to your tractor today

If you’re a tractor owner, you know it’s an important piece of kit to help you get the job done. Whether you’re a farmer or running a contracting business; getting the most from your engine and taking care of performance is always important.

How do the factory settings work?

Every tractor that comes off the production line is programmed with ‘factory settings’. This is where the Engine Control Unit of your tractor is set by the Manufacturer so it can cope with a wide range of environmental conditions and jobs.

In setting your tractor to perform in a wide range of conditions, the Manufacturer has to create an average setting. Because not many people farm in average conditions the result is that your ECU has not been optimised for your location and the job that you have to do.
While your tractor is not optimised for your situation it will be slower, less powerful and potentially less fuel efficient.

You could think of it like a marathon runner trying to compete in a normal pair of work shoes. Internally they still have the power and the potential to achieve more but their feet aren’t optimised for the task. That slows them down and makes them work harder to achieve the same performance.

An ECU remap is like giving a marathon runner a pair of high performance running shoes. With the right settings for the job you can access the full potential of your power, get more performance and enjoy the ability to work harder without wearing down your engine or running out of power.

What is an ECU remap?

To match your tractor to the environment and the jobs you use it for, a technician can reprogramme or remap your ECU. Each remap carried out by DPS is specific to the tractor make and model and the needs of the owner. 

Want more power for your tractor?

If you need to get a bit more out of your tractor then remapping your ECU can optimise its performance. A remap will give your tractor more power, it will increase torque and you can also enjoy improved fuel efficiency.
More power and more torque simply makes it easier to get the job done. You can move faster, reduce your journey time, and pull a greater load or work on the incline at a higher speed. However you choose to enjoy the benefits, the result will be that it takes you less time to do the same job. That means your ECU remap is making your business more efficient and saving money at the same time.  

More ways to improve your efficiency

There are many known benefits of minimising your impact on the land as you carry out day-to-day jobs. An ECU remap can help you to get more out of a smaller model of tractor, allowing you to enjoy the manoeuvrability and accuracy of a smaller machine.
This could even mean that you can expand the range of jobs you give your smaller tractor, removing the need for a second bigger machine or an upgrade on your engine size. Investing in a smaller tractor and remapping it for performance could be a good way to save money and manage your running costs for maximum efficiency.

Remaps are designed to last

Protecting or improving the life of your tractor’s engine is important. It’s also another reason to consider remapping your ECU. 
A remapped tractor does not need to labour as much to achieve the same results, which helps to protect and potentially improve engine life. So you don’t just benefit as you work with the tractor day-to-day, you also enjoy a better return on your investment.

Lots of reasons to remap your tractor

If you would like to finish a job faster, or just make it easier to get things done, an ECU remap could give your tractor the power you’ve been looking for. Find out more about the results you could achieve by exploring the graphs on our website.
We also have lots of testimonials from happy customers who have remapped their engines and are now enjoying the benefits of increased power, torque and fuel efficiency. Find our more about what a remap could mean for your tractor and contact your nearest agent today. Remember to ask them about our remap guarantee!