Here’s Tony – he’s a great customer. Tony doesn’t just like to get his engines remapped by Diesel Performance Solutions. He also likes to recommend his customers do the same. And when you see the results of this Claas remap – you’ll understand...
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If you’re looking for ways to improve the performance of your business; you’ve come to the right place. Not many businesses can afford to run an inefficient operation. So if you want to get an increased return for the money you’re investing - it could be time to remap ...
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Let’s get technical

May 26, 2022
Our technical team are responsible for all the remaps and adjustments that we make in order to improve the performance of your vehicles. We thought we’d introduce you to the brains behind the operation. So let’s start with Chris Burnell, the Founder and Director of Diese...
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Take a look at this graph and the amazing results we got from remapping this VW Amarok V6. The driver is loving the additional 40kw of power and 100nm of torque....
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Talking to Tommy

May 18, 2022
Thomas McErlean is our new agent on the ground in Perth. Since arriving in Perth he’s been working in Heavy Diesel Mechanics. He brings a wealth of experience in Diesel remapping and mechanics from Northern Ireland where he worked in the industry for 3-4 years.&n...
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Clients who have enjoyed the positive benefits of a first remap often decide to turn their attention to a second vehicle. That was certainly true with Matthias. He began his journey with DPS when he had a new tractor remapped 3 years ago. He enjoyed the benefits so...
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If you’re a tractor owner, you know it’s an important piece of kit to help you get the job done. Whether you’re a farmer or running a contracting business; getting the most from your engine and taking care of performance is always important.How do the factory settings ...
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