Second time around and this customer is still impressed

Clients who have enjoyed the positive benefits of a first remap often decide to turn their attention to a second vehicle. That was certainly true with Matthias. He began his journey with DPS when he had a new tractor remapped 3 years ago. He enjoyed the benefits so much that when he recently got his new Ford Ranger it didn’t take long for him to get in touch with DPS.

“I run a mixed cropping farm with maize, cattle, citrus and lucerne. My first remap was a 100hp tractor. I had spoken to Mark in the past about what remapping could achieve. That drove my decision when I upgraded the tractor. I was able to opt for a smaller tractor because I could get it remapped and increase its power. I needed a small tractor for the spraying and other jobs but I thought if I did the remap I could use the same tractor for some of the cultivation jobs.

The lighter tractor means I’m not causing as much soil compaction compared with a bigger machine. I was a bit nervous at first because he did increase the power quite a lot, but it’s done a great job ever since and had no issues. I also don’t have to deal with the extra weight of a heavier tractor on my ground.”

When he bought his new Ford Ranger Matthias was interested in extending the life of the engine. Mark looked at the bigger picture and persuaded him to opt for a full remap to increase his power as well.
“I was interested in extending the life of my engine and Mark persuaded me to do a remap. It’s my farm vehicle and I use it a lot for towing. I have a large trailer and I use it to carry bins of citrus, fertiliser and hay. I also have a 2.5t digger that I shift with it. 

Mark does a very professional job. The remap is a complete look at the engine - not just one aspect of it – there’s a few different considerations there. If you adjust one thing you need to consider the impact somewhere else. Engines are very complicated these days. It’s a comfort that Mark’s very thorough - he goes through and looks at everything as part of the remap.”

Once the remap was done, Matthias put it to the test with a long road trip to the big smoke. While he’s still looking forward to testing its performance on the farm, it certainly passed the test with what it could achieve on the open road. He was pleased to see the fuel economy wasn’t impacted by the increase in power.

“It’s early days with the Ford Ranger and I’m looking forward to doing more towing with it and seeing the results. We’ve just done a trip to the city and that’s when I saw that the fuel economy hadn’t really changed and I was really pleased.

We’ve got a lot of hills going in and out of town so a little bit more power is always useful. It makes it easier to drive and easier to get past other vehicles. I hope the work Mark has done will extend the life of my engine as well as giving me more power. I would absolutely recommend the remap process to anyone considering it.”

Matthias recommends taking a closer look at the DPS website it you’re wondering if a remap is right for you. The graphs on the website demonstrate the positive impact that a remap has had on a wide range of vehicles, and there are lots of testimonials from happy customers like Matthias too. If you’re interested in finding out more, why not contact one of our agents today.