Make your business more efficient with an ECU Remap

If you’re looking for ways to improve the performance of your business; you’ve come to the right place. Not many businesses can afford to run an inefficient operation. So if you want to get an increased return for the money you’re investing - it could be time to remap your ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Is an engine driving the success of your business?

Many business models rely on machines to do the hard work. Whether you’re in trucking or in agriculture, on the road or the farm, chances are you’re relying on an engine to get the job done.

Standard settings = standard performance

The problem is that engines are programmed by manufacturers to work in standard environments, based on average climates and assumed fuel quality. That means that your performance will be far from the best because your machine is being restricted by standard settings that don’t apply to you. Also the same engine and drive train can be used in several models, it’s just the software that makes them different. Oh and the stickers on the bonnet!

Fine tune your performance for greater efficiency

When Diesel Performance Solutions remap your ECU, we fine tune all the variable settings to reflect how and where you’re using your engines. That makes your vehicle more efficient and ensures you can benefit from increased torque and increased performance.

Results so good you’ll come back for more

Mark Hohneck, National Manager, says “Our customers are across all types of industries and we remap lots of different types of engines. Often they enjoy the benefits of their first remap so much they come back to do the rest of their fleet.”

Book in for more engine power today

The long and short of it? You could be getting more output for less input, and making it much easier to get the job done. If you want more power, call Diesel Performance Solutions today. On average we can deliver 20-30% more power for road vehicles and 25-35% more power for agricultural vehicles*. *Results for agricultural vehicles can vary considerably. Ask our agent for details on the results you can expect for your vehicle.
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