Is your Tractor Power M.I.A?

We can help you access the power that’s locked into your Tractor Boost.

If your tractor has a built in boost mode, you may feel like you’ve got less power than you planned for. That’s where Diesel Performance Solutions can help. We can unlock the power that’s built into your boost function, giving your tractor the HP you need to get the job done.

Is your tractor operating in boost mode?

The boost function on your tractor aims to trigger an increase in HP that you can use when you need it. Examples of when your boost mode might kick in include needing some extra speed on the open road, or when you’re moving and operating an implement on the shaft at the back of your tractor. When your boost mode kicks in, you can enjoy the power you need to keep things moving.

Are you benefiting from your boost mode?

Not all models of tractor show that your boost mode is active so you may be unsure whether you are enjoying the benefit of  the extra power that you purchased. This can be frustrating and could result in you feeling less happy with your choice of tractor.
In some cases it’s even possible that you may not have realised that your tractor actually has a boost mode. If you think you’ve purchased a tractor that has 20+ extra HP and then you find out that power is only available in certain conditions, you would be forgiven for being disappointed.

Diesel Performance Solutions can help.

The team at Diesel Performance Solutions are experts at handling tractors. That means we’re well placed to help you get the most power and value from your engine. If the power you purchased is locked into your tractor’s boost function, we’re here to help.

Solutions tailored to your tractor needs?

We’ll start the process of helping you by establishing exactly what you need from your tractor. We understand that every farm - and every farm job - is different. That’s why we think it’s important to understand how much power you need and what you would like to do with it.
Let’s give your tractor more power - and lose the boost mode

If you’re looking for more power across the board, that’s what we can give you. We’ll work with you to add HP to your tractor without negatively impacting your engine. 
If you haven’t been using boost mode or you need the same HP in most situations, we might suggest to just leave the boost alone. This will give you access to the power you need while effectively making your boost a permanent addition. 

More power and let’s keep the boost mode

If activating the boost mode suits the way that you use your tractor; you may choose to increase the HP of your boost mode too. That will give you more power on the open road and when the shaft out the back of your tractor is active with a mobile implement. 
A remap from DPS can deliver more power to your tractor in both modes - so you still enjoy an extra power boost when certain jobs need to be done.

You can rely on our expertise

Whatever the right solution is for your tractor, you can trust Diesel Performance Solutions to look after your engine – and your needs. Our remap solutions help you to enjoy your engine’s best performance: without pushing it beyond its limits.

Power up your tractor with DPS

If your tractor boost leaves you feeling like your tractor should be giving you more, call your nearest DPS Agent. We’re local to where you live and we’re ready to answer your call.
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