Technically, we're your remapping experts

Diesel Performance Solutions is proud to have our own dedicated technical team. Their role is to write the software updates that allow you to get optimum power and torque from your engine.

Without the right expertise, remapping can be a complicated business. Manufacturers regularly update their software and make small tweaks and changes. An untested or generic remap file may miss this and cause problems for the engine owner in the future. 
We take care to get the right results every time. Our software modifications are tested multiple times before they even reach your engine. Each piece of software in an engine control unit has a job to do, and it’s important that any adjustments that we make both deliver results and support the long term life of your engine. 

Because we’re experts we understand the impact of any software changes across your whole engine. That’s why we support our work with a guarantee. Because we’ve tested any changes we make and we know that they will deliver.

Your engine is an important part of your business. It’s essential that you can protect that investment. We guarantee that all of our remaps achieve at least a 10% improvement in performance or fuel efficiency. Otherwise we will remap the vehicle until those improvements are achieved, and if we can’t achieve them we will refund your remapping fee in full.

We develop our software modifications to deliver the best results. Because we’re experts we stand by those results and know they will deliver long term value for your business, without impacting the life of your engine. Contact us today to find out more about what we can achieve for you.